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Your shipment is taken care of in complete safety

  • We deliver to the whole world any type of merchandise
  • We advise you concerning the most suitable solution for your operations
    • FCL
    • LCL
    • Conventional
    • Roll on, roll off
    • Door to door service
  • We follow and manage your orders from your supplier side in order to respect the delivery deadlines.
  • We analyze your needs so that we determine the maritime company and the best suited transit time.
  • Traceability: we inform you about the place of your shipment at any time.
  • We master our operations all along the supply chain.
  • We advise our clients in terms of technicality, regulations and pricing
  • We are skillful and experienced in treating multiple freights: dangerous goods, car shipping, exceptional freights.
  • Importation and receipt of any type of sea fret cargos: goods removal from the supplier, possibility of storage under customs.
  • Exportation: we advise you concerning your export operations, we offer you storage service before expedition and a suitable packaging for your products.
  • Storage, preparation, packaging and stuffing are among our main strengths.
  • We deliver the BESC document for your exports to some African countries
  • Tracking of the operations: orders follow up from the supplier side, arrivals and boarding confirmation.

Why choose the sea freight

  • Large volumes
  • Competitive prices
  • Less pollutant
  • Suitable for long distances
  • Alternative to the road since benefiting from incentives regarding political and legal measures
  • We Trans takes care of all your sea cargo procedures from one port to another thanks to its affiliation to a network of agents within the main ports worldwide.
Transport routier maroc

Road freight

Sending goods by road remains a conventional mode of transport that meets many needs.

We Trans, thanks to its fleet, experienced drivers and strong network of collaborators, offers versatile road transport nationally and internationally.


Why choose the truck transport


  • Since it is the less expensive because: it is the most used mean of transport, requires the least infrastructure, and the vehicles are cheaper in comparison with the other mode of transport.
  • Since it is the most direct: possibility to deliver at home without any combination with other mode of transport.
  • Since it is very flexible: it easily adapts to different travel, freight and schedule options.
  • Because there is more flexibility in using this mode of transport: it only takes one person and a vehicle for the goods to reach their destination without dependence on other predetermined routes. Public holidays and special dates are not taken into account. Therefore, delays and prices are always negotiable.
  • Since it allows the transport of dangerous goods.
  • Since new technologies help us in the merchandise traceability at any moment.


International truck transport

WeTrans provide you with a flexible international road freight transport service, with guarantees of safety and punctuality.

You can count on us to get your shipments to their arriving address anywhere in the world quickly and at the lowest cost.

National truck transport

Through Morocco, our trucks will deliver your goods as soon as possible thanks to the great experience (in terms of knowledge of the roads; excellent driving) of our drivers or those of our collaborators.

We transport manufactured products and raw materials throughout Morocco from Tangier to Gouira.

We Trans uses different types of vehicles dedicated to road transport, with characteristics adapted to the transport of various goods (volume, weight, etc.)

  • Trucks or carriers
  • Road trains
  • Tractors with semi-trailer
  • Long-distance road transport vehicles

Advantages of road transport

  • Direct means of transport
  • Less handling
  • Flexibility
  • Door-to-door
  • Shorter transit times
Transport aérien casablanca

Air freight

  • We deliver any type of freight worldwide (except alive animals, limitations on perishable products).
  • Door-to-door support, airport-to-airport, airport-to-door support, depending on the incoterm chosen by the client.
  • Imports
  • Exports
  • Your orders, from your suppliers, are tracked and managed in order to respect the final delivery times
  • We study your needs to determine the most competitive air company in terms of price and deadlines.
  • Direct messaging service, door-to-door service, bundling, and unbundling.
  • Express air freight for your urgent cargo. This later is collected as quickly as possible and dispatched to the next flight.
  • Optimization and control of operations throughout the logistics chain.

Unbundling service

We Trans implements the best solutions for the unloading of your containers:

  • Container seal checks with photos taken
  • The container is tracked by its identification number
  • Unloading of the container then control and palletization if necessary
  • Preparation of orders and loading to the various destinations

Depending on the specificity of your goods, We Trans always submits a suitable solution in accordance with your needs and specifications.

Bundling service

We Trans also take care of the stuffing of your merchandise, that is, loading it into the container and stowing it down. In order for the transport to take place in complete safety, the stuffing operation must comply with firm rules and must guarantee a balanced load, for the transport of the goods in complete safety, in other words to avoid any damage to the goodsor accident during transport. Depending on the date of shipment, the merchandise is either put into container directly or into stock for future delivery.

The goods concerned may be:

– Conventional goods (pallets, bags, big bags, etc.)

– Chemicals or dangerous goods

– Bulk goods

– Construction materials



With We Trans, your LCL (less than container load) shipment is taken care of promptly, safely and effectiveness is our main priority.
LCL allows:
_ Cost optimization (you only pay for the space occupied by your goods)
_ Cargo protection
_ Costs surprise minimized (charges are known in advance with door to door shipments)
_ Stable rates (LCL rate less volatile than FCL rate)

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Personal effects

Your mission inside your embassy or consulate has ended?
Do you need to move your personal belongings from one city/country to another?
We Trans will make it easy for you by taking care of your personal effects transport.
Thanks to our young and dynamic team, we guarantee you a flawless quality service. Your possessions will be taken care of all along the transport operation for a fluid routing.
The shipment of your goods is adaptable depending on your needs and constraints (deadlines, date…).

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Handling machines

Within the transport field, sometimes we need the help of handling solutions in order to guarantee the best transport process for your goods. Those handling machines that allow us to optimize our efforts and time for a better-quality service can be: a forklift, a pallet truck…

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National transport

We Trans offers inland transport within the national territory (Morocco), with a variety of transport possibilities and services tailored according to each customer.
We use our own vehicles to accelerate the national inland transport service in order to respond to you needs (respect of delivery time…)

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