Transport maritime maroc

Sea Freight

We Trans organises the flow of goods from and to Morocco surely and efficiently, thanks to studied, planned logistic solutions…

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Transport routier casablanca

Road freight

Expert in land transport, We Trans secures inland road flows for both national and international transport of your goods…

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Transport aérien maroc

Air freight

We Trans owns a large range of services for your urgent shipments that need air solution transport. Those later solutions…

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Unbundling service

We Trans implements the best solutions for the unloading of your containers

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Bundling service

We Trans also take care of the stuffing of your merchandise, that is, loading it into the container and stowing it down.

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Our vision

To be among the leaders in transport in order to become a reference partner by providing exceptional quality service. 

Transport maritime casablanca

Our mission

Achieve excellence in the development of logistic solutions, even delicate ones, thanks to two pillars: our experienced team and our national and international partners. 

Transport routier casablanca

Our goals

To develop ourselves in a healthy working environment.
Achieve a level of expertise that will position us among the leaders in the field of transport. 

Transport aérien casablanca

Our values

_ Efficiency
_ Quality of service
_ Reliability
_ Flexibility
_ Responsiveness: control and visibility of your good flows thanks to action plans, rapid decision making
_ Security
_ Team spirit and experience sharing

Groupage maritime maroc


With We Trans, your LCL (less than container load) shipment is taken care of promptly, safely and effectiveness is our main priority.
LCL allows:
_ Cost optimization (you only pay for the space occupied by your goods)
_ Cargo protection
_ Costs surprise minimized (charges are known in advance with door to door shipments)
_ Stable rates (LCL rate less volatile than FCL rate)

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Personal effects 

Your mission inside your embassy or consulate has ended?
Do you need to move your personal belongings from one city/country to another?
We Trans will make it easy for you by taking care of your personal effects transport.
Thanks to our young and dynamic team, we guarantee you a flawless quality service. Your possessions will be taken care of all along the transport operation for a fluid routing.
The shipment of your goods is adaptable depending on your needs and constraints (deadlines, date…).

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Handling machines

Within the transport field, sometimes we need the help of handling solutions in order to guarantee the best transport process for your goods. Those handling machines that allow us to optimize our efforts and time for a better-quality service can be: a forklift, a pallet truck… 

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National transport

We Trans offers inland transport within the national territory (Morocco), with a variety of transport possibilities and services tailored according to each customer.
We use our own vehicles to accelerate the national inland transport service in order to respond to you needs (respect of delivery time…) 

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The WE TRANS team

A Dedicated and Passionate Team at Your Service

Our strong points

Customer service

Our availability and responsiveness are assets that are greatly appreciated by our customers.

Human resources

A young, dynamic and experienced team combining different skills.

Reliable Partners

We work in collaboration with reliable and qualified partners to serve you better.

Technical means

We have all the appropriate technical means to meet your requirements.

Contact us for more information on a transport mission in Morocco or abroad

We mainly ship to and from Morocco.

How can I start an export operation?

It depends on the nature of the goods because the authorization differs from one product to another. Then, you will have to contact the forwarder, then the carrier to reserve the container if it is a groupage or a full.

Do I have to go through the same steps for the goods tax?

The supplier prepares the customer’s merchandise. The latter contacts the freight forwarder, then reservation of the container with the carrier if the latter takes care of the transport and not the supplier.
If it is clothing, samples will be needed so that they can go to the lab.

I would like to bring my car from the USA, is this possible?

Yes it is possible to import your own car. First, a reservation of the container with the carrier will be required. On the other hand, the sender must prepare documents for security measures which are provided by our agent in the USA. The documents cited allow the agent to acquire an empty container.

Can I have an idea of the location of my merchandise at any time?

Yes, the traceability of your goods is possible via tracking either by yourself or by us.